Salient Features of scheme for Residential Rooftop Solar Projects – 2018 -19

  • Scheme will be under implementation up to 31 st March, 2019
  • Residential consumer of any DISCOM, who is having residential property in his name, is eligible to install solar PV system on his rooftop from any one supplier selected by him from the list of GEDA Empaneled Vendors. List of these vendors is available on GEDA web site
  • Beneficiary shall register their application through any of the GEDA registered approved empaneled vendor only.
  • Solar system should be minimum of 1 kW capacity.
  • Beneficiary should have 100 sq.ft. shadow free area per kilowatt capacity of solar system on their rooftop. 
  • Cost of the various capacity Solar Rooftop PV system discovered are as below:


    Sr. No. System Capacity Range Price discovered in Rs. Per Kilowatt
    1 1  to 6 kW 48,300/--
    2 Above 6 to 10 kW 48,000/--
    3 Above 10 to 50 kW 44,000/--
    4 Above 50 kW 41,000/--
  • The system cost mentioned in above table is inclusive of supply, installation, commissioning, comprehensive maintenance contract of 5 years of the complete solar system, bi-directional meter and its testing charges, SMC box for the meter and the connectivity charges to be paid to the DISCOM and standard structure required to install solar PV panel on the rooftop, with minimum surface clearance of 300 mm between the terrace surface and the bottommost edge of the panel. The cost of additional height of the structure required, if any, shall be borne by the beneficiary.
  • Any other charges to be paid to DISCOM , on account of requirement of change of phase if any from single to three phase, upgradation of the existing electricity distribution network , shall be borne additionally by the beneficiary, as it is not included in the discovered cost referred in the table above.
  • If the Applicant is a single phase consumer of the DISCOM and intends to install a solar roof top system having capacity which necessitates to change the phase of his existing service connection from single phase to three phase, in such case the requisite charges for enhancement of the phase from single to three phase shall be borne by the consumer being part of the system strengthening, and not included in the discovered cost per kW.
  • Beneficiary shall sign connectivity agreement with concerned DISCOM, as per the terms and conditions specified by the DISCOM.
  • Banking of Energy is for one billing cycle i.e. generation of the solar system is to be adjusted against the electricity drawn from the DISCOM in the electricity bill of the same month.
  • Central Government subsidy of 30 % of the cost of the solar system as per the cost given in table and Government of Gujarat subsidy of Rs.10,000 / kW subject to maximum of Rs.20,000 is given for residential solar system. Detail of the rooftop solar system is given in table below:


    System capacity 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW 6 kW 7 kW 8 kW 9 kW 10 kW
    Cost of solar system Rs. 48300 96600 144900 193200 241500 289800 336000 384000 432000 480000
    Central Govt. Subsidy Rs. 14490 28980 43470 57960 72450 86940 100800 115200 129600 144000
    State Govt. Subsidy Rs. 10000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000 20000
    Cost to be borne customer Rs. 23810 47620 81430 115240 149050 182860 215200 248800 282400 316000
    Area Required 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
    Required Sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft. sq.ft.
  • Beneficiary will be required to pay remaining / balance amount of the cost of the solar system to empaneled vendor after deducting the amount of eligible subsidy , as per the terms and conditions of payment decided / agreed between the beneficiary and empaneled vendor.