BRIGHT SOLAR, solar pumping inverter can implement the control of the whole system operation, which drives the pump by converting. DC power produced by the PV array to AC power. This inverter can adjust the output frequency according to the solar irradiation intensity in real time to implement the MPPT (maximum power point tracking).

  • Compatible with 3-phase induction motors;
  • Dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm and optimized SPWM control method. Faster speed of response and good stability;
  • Fully automatic operation. Free setting speed range based on practical situation of the system. Storage capacity for 8 years operational data;
  • Intelligent power module used in main circuit. High reliability. 98% conversion efficiency;
  • Full motor protection functions. Optional water level detecting and control circuit for overflow and idle running prevention;

Anodized aluminum case. IP55 protection class. Ambient temperature: -10~+50°C


bright solar pumping inverter