Overcoming challenges of water and energy in rural India through solar water pumps

by Bhavin Gajjar

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 10:41 PM

Overcoming challenges of water and energy in rural India through solar water pumps

Agriculture has always been the paramount sector for the Indian economy. Almost 70% of India’s population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their earnings and living. Not only is India’s geographical condition perfect and favorable for agriculture, but also India is blessed with a profusion of solar energy, and it has the potentiality of transforming this resource into electricity.

In the rural areas of India, most of the people rely on farming for their livelihoods. These farmers depend upon the sporadic source of water supply for agriculture and their domestic needs. There are some areas where people still suffer from a lack of potable water. Solar powered water pumps can be an ideal option in this situation. We have explained the need for solar energy in our previous blog.

Solar water pumps are easy to install in remote rural areas. These pumps can be used to draw water from borewells. So, in the case of water shortage, the need for farmers can easily be satisfied. Farmers can use this water for irrigation or in their homes.

Some Indian villages that are in remote or inaccessible areas still do not get electricity. Also, it is very difficult to procure fuel such as diesel for conventional water pumps. Here as well,  the solar water pumps are the best alternative, as they operate on sunlight that is free and fully accessible. In the event of shifting, solar pumps can be easily relocated.

As we know, conventional water pumps operate on grid-supplied electricity or fossil fuel. Over time, it becomes very costly to operate and maintain these types of water pumps. On the other hand, solar powered water pumps are usually low-maintenance and have extremely low operating costs. Also, solar water pumps are eco-friendly as they do not release any kind of harmful greenhouse gases. So, the natural beauty of rural India does not get spoiled.

The government of India has started taking strong action towards the encouragement of adopting green energy. The government has also announced a subsidy to solar energy users. Solar powered water pumps have the potential to considerably improve the productivity of Indian farmers. In fact, we can confidently say that the solar-powered water pump industry has accelerated the sustainable development of India.

The diesel-powered water pumps have a high operating cost. Also, It is very difficult to transport diesel/fuel to remote areas. On top of that, diesel-powered water pumps are not eco-friendly as they produce CO2 emissions.                     

Diesel-powered water pumps are now being replaced in order to obtain the amazing advantages of solar water pumps. Bright solar has maintained the high quality and stringent timelines during product manufacture over half a decade. Please visit our website to know more about Bright solar water pumps.

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