Need of Solar water pumps for efficient irrigation

by Bhavin Gajjar

Posted on March 20, 2019 at 14:44 PM

Need of Solar water pumps for efficient irrigation

Indian farmers face issues for the irrigation. One of the issues that Indian farmers facing is that the cost of providing irrigation has been increasing over the years. Another one is that only about 15% of the annual rainwater is used for irrigation. The rainwater is not properly stored and efficiently used for sustained surface irrigation. There is a water distribution Irrigation System in Gujarat but In some districts, the river water has not reached yet.

We already know that Irrigation is a process of applying water artificially to the land or soil. But the question is that what actually efficient irrigation is? It can be defined as irrigation that can enhance agricultural productivity at lower cost and reduce excessive pressure on groundwater. Water pumps assist in irrigation like crop growing, lawn maintenance, vegetation, and fields.

Agricultural irrigation systems require a continuous water supply and the solar water pumps are integrated and designed to fulfill this need as part of the solar irrigation system. The electric water pumps or fossil fuel-powered water pumps are used for irrigation, but Solar water pumps are more efficient than the traditional irrigation water pumps.

The traditional water pumps are not eco-friendly at all as they use electricity or fuel to operate. It causes air-pollution by releasing harmful substances. On the other hand, solar-powered water pumps have many advantages. Let’s see some advantages of Solar water pumps;

  • Solar water pumps are eco-friendly As there is no fuel or electricity required for operating solar-powered water pumps, they play a major role in suppressing hazardous environmental issues. 
  • The solar-powered water pumps are very affordable as they have a very low operating cost. It’s kind of one-time investment, there is no recurring cost of fuel or electricity, unlike other water pumps.
  • Due to having less moving parts, solar water pumps have low maintenance as well.  
  • One of the most essential advantages of solar water pumps is that they are reliable and easily be used in remote areas where electricity is unavailable or it is difficult to procure fuel. Therefore, the problem of irrigation in the remote areas can be easily resolved with a solar water pump.
  • Another aspect of solar water pump usage is that poor farmers can have access to water at a reasonable rate, instead of buying water from sellers at a higher rate.

The quality of solar water pumps is also important, so before you go for the solar water pumps, make sure you go for the best quality. Bright Solar water-pumps serve as a sustainable energy solution for irrigation water. We have already installed more than 3000 solar water pumps, which provides solutions for access to water both for drinking and irrigation purposes. Check out our best quality water pump.

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