The Need For Solar Energy Innovations In Rural India

by Harini

Posted on December 06, 2018 at 16:40 PM

Need for Solar Energy Innovations

The major population of India is depended on the agricultural occupation. In India, agriculture is the largest and most important profession in India. With time, the farming occupation has become more challenging to the poor farmers, living in rural villages of India and farmers became financially imbalanced. In the farming industry, people used non-renewable power sources (like petrol and diesel) used in power pumps. These power sources are so expensive that poor farmers can’t bear.

To deal with this situation, the renewable sources of energy are required.  Renewable energy comes from solar energy. For the irrigation purpose, solar pumps can be used. A onetime investment which will provide long-term benefits to the farmer. The solar solution is less expensive and can be less spent on its maintenance. The only element it would require to work is a good amount of sunlight, from which solar energy can be generated easily. This system of irrigation is totally environment-friendly and non-pollutant.

The Indian government has taken several measures to improve the financial condition of the farmers living in rural villages. The government provides subsidies for the purchase of the solar pump and whole solar set up. The government has decided to provide various subsidy schemes like 30% to the general category and 70% to the other special categories.

Although, innovation of the solar solution, did not much affect the local farmer’s lives.    

The farmers face issues such as:

  1. India as the second largest irrigated country, it faced so many problems. Irrigation is mainly related to the production of the crop. In India rainfall is being a major aspect for irrigation of crops, the crop growth and the revenue generated much depends on it.
  2. Most people in rural areas are illiterate. They are not aware of the application of the solar panels or solar. They do not have any idea of the sustainable mechanism.
  3. Poor farmers are not capable to buy these solar entities despite having all the schemes and subsidies. They don’t have enough money to incur in such investment.
  4. Farmers living in few regions of India experience a huge amount of rainfall. So they feel that they might not get too many sunny days to use it for production of the crops.
  5. Older farmers have faith in traditional methods; they don’t want to make any kind of expensive investments other than their traditional methods. While their traditional methods of using fossil fuel are much difficult and lengthy process than the use of the solar solution.

With these problems, other problems are getting involved day by day. There is no way to sort the farming problems. Only one solution came to the path is the solar pumping system. Solar pumping sets would work easily and in a more economical way. Solar pumping system loses its potential energy because they need to irrigate their land for cultivation for the whole year.

Unlike static pump sets, farmers will be able to compare the solar pump set with the diesel pump set. In this way, farmers will get the idea of using a renewable energy source (solar energy) through the solar pump set.

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