How to choose the right solar water pump?

by Bhavin Gajjar

Posted on April 11, 2019 at 15:06 PM

How to choose the right solar water pump?

There are various kinds and quality of solar water pumps available in the market. Basically, there are four types of the solar water pump; Submersible pumps, Surface pumps, alternate current ( AC), and direct current(DC). The quality of solar water pump is an important aspect to be considered before buying a solar water pump. The quality of solar water pumps may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Choosing the right solar water pump is vital.   

Now, the question is how would you know which solar water pump is good. There are many factors that should be considered before buying solar water pumps. Here, we have listed some of them for you.  

  • Efficiency: Solar water pump’s flow rate is a usable volume of water distributed by the pump in a particular time interval. It is denoted a letter Q and measured in the units such as; LPM, m3/h, or m3/s.  
  • Flow Rate: It is a critical factor that needs to be considered. It is the ration between Power supplied and Power absorbed by the pump. There are three types of pump efficiency; Manometric Efficiency, Mechanical Efficiency, and Overall Efficiency.
  • Head: It represents the increase in energy accumulated by 1 liter of water between the input and the output section of the pump.
  • Power: The power imparted into water increases the energy of the water per unit volume. Thus, power depends on the conversion of the mechanical energy and water elements present inside the pump.     
  • Speed: It is the number of revolutions executed by the pump at a particular time of interval. A speed of pump denoted with a letter ‘N’. It is measured in RPM(Revolutions Per Minute).
  • NPSH(Net Positive Suction Head): NPSH is the indicator that indicates the solar water pump’s inability to create absolute volume. The first parameter that must be considered when it comes to buying a centrifugal pump. NPSH that must exist during the pump’s consumption for preventing the occurrence of cavitation.

Now, you know which factors to check before buying a solar water pump. However, the quality of the pump still depends on the manufacturer as they should be using good quality raw material for making solar water pumps. Bright Solar is at the zenith of the innovative wave in solar-powered water pumping mechanisms. We have maintained the highest standards in maintaining high quality and stringent timelines during product manufacture. Check out our Bright solar water pump.                  


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