How do you maintain solar panels ?

by Bhavin Gajjar

Posted on May 08, 2019 at 10:44 PM

How do you maintain solar panels ?

In India, the demand for renewable energy sources has been increasing for the last few years. The Indian government has started taking significant steps towards promoting the use of renewable energy, especially solar power. Also, the Indian Government has offered many schemes like KUSUM, SUKHI, etc, and subsidy for Indian farmers and solar users.

There has been rapid growth in the number of solar users. Residential and commercial solar users use solar rooftops for their houses and commercial buildings. Solar rooftops have solar panels which use Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Technology. Normally, Solar rooftop systems require low-maintenance but still, it is essential to maintain the solar panels regularly to ensure the long-term benefit.

If you had a maintenance agreement from your solar provider then their technician will do a routine inspection of your solar panels. However, if you did not have any agreement like that then you do not need to worry. We have some guidelines to keep your solar panels well-maintained.

  • Do not keep your solar panel in the shed: Energy production becomes unproductive if kept in the shed.
  • Ensure inverters are flashing green lights: You need to keep an eye on your solar panels and if the green lights are not flashing then your electricity use is not being compassionated.     
  • General cleaning: You can simply use the garden hose to wash the face of your solar panels during early morning or evening time.
  • Automating cleaning: If you do not have enough time for cleaning the solar panels, you can use “Automated cleaners” which function similarly like sprinklers.
  • Do not take any needless risks: Make sure you are safety conscious when you are inspecting panels.

Like semiconductors, solar PV technology needs purified silicon to get the best efficiency, and the price behind PV solar manufacturing is often driven by the crystalline silicon purification process. Bright Solar offers a range of Solar PV Modules with power ratings from 3 Watts to 350 Watts of Mono- and Poly-crystalline Silicon varieties.

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