5 Reasons explained why commercial buildings need solar rooftops

by Bhavin Gajjar

Posted on April 17, 2019 at 11:24 PM

5 Reasons explained why commercial buildings need solar rooftops

With the existing grid-system, many businesses are facing issues like; Large electricity bills due to high electricity consumption for heating water or operating machinery, operations throughout day and night. Unfortunately, most of these businesses are not even aware of the fact that solar energy can help them save money.

Nowadays, the awareness of using renewable energy has been increasing and so the usage of solar systems for different purposes has risen. The current Indian government has taken steps towards promoting green energy and initiated several schemes to encourage people to use solar power.

We have already shown the advantages of the solar rooftop for residential buildings in our previous blog. Let’s see the reasons why commercial buildings should go solar;

  • Independent of Grid: As the solar rooftop systems do not use any electricity or fuel to operate, the dependence on the main electric grid is much reduced. Power-cuts or any kind of electricity issues do not affect the operations of Solar rooftop.
  • Cost-effectiveness: There is a  billing mechanism called “Net metering” used in solar powered systems. This mechanism uses a bidirectional electricity meter. So the solar rooftop users can earn and save money by sending electricity generated by them back into the grid.
  • Low maintenance: Once installed, solar rooftops do not require any extra care or maintenance. Solar rooftops are designed to be tough to endure all weather conditions.             
  • Environmentally Safe: Solar rooftops are eco-friendly as they do not release any harmful greenhouse gases. Therefore, solar rooftops for commercial buildings do not cause air pollution. Ultimately, it restricts global warming or climate change.
  • Financial Incentives: The Gujarat government provides 40% Accelerated depreciation and 10 years tax holiday on solar projects. Also, loans have been offered for up to Rs.15 Crore for renewable energy projects under Priority sector lending, i.e. Solar sector gets priority for obtaining loans from banks at a low rate of interest.

Besides benefits, the quality and price of solar rooftops should be taken into consideration. Being empaneled under the rate contract stipulated by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Bright Solar provides the best prices for all the processes pertaining to solar rooftop systems.  Check out Bright solar rooftops here.

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