Bright Solar is the innovative leader in the Solar-Powered Water Pumping Mechanisms.We utilize power from Solar Energy to pump water and enhancing all the lives on the planet -mankind, livestock and crops

Founded in the year 2010 by PBT Group, Bright Solar has been a front-runner in developing, manufacturing and selling high quality products run by the clean and cost friendly solar power. We have an internal lineup for all the sections of product manufacturing, be it mechanical, electronic or software designing. Our technology ensures an immaculate and sustainable environment to millions of lives that wants to rejuvenate the earth.

Our products have been designed specifically to meet out the needs of environment by a team dedicated towards solar products. Its been over half a decade that our skilled and dependable staff that has proved again and again the quality and timeline we maintain while manufacturing the products. We have a distinctive concentrated functional test schedule on each product we put together.

Bright Solar Water-pumps are there to serve as water & energy solution to Drinking Water – for a healthy life, Irrigational Water – for nurturing the crops & Requiescence Water – for leisure times in pool. The products we manufacture are built for off-grid, rural and often hostile environments. This shows that we design and build products that are efficient, reliable and simple to service.

Our manufacturing being in Ahmedabad, enables us a good connectivity to supply our wide range of products all over India and in Asia-Pacific region. Also, our Head Quarters are in same city where we manufacture, providing us a focused environment to manage all the activities. We are constantly working on new innovations and strategies in order to meet out the energy demands of the emerging world.

Our presence all over the region through our own committed network of proficient associates makes us a market leader in the industry. We keep our focus on associates and make sure they are appropriately well-versed, skilled, supported and competent to reach out the demands of the local clients.

With new policies being enforced by the Indian Government for the efficient energy resources, we are more confident to reach out and enrich the millions of lives in our country. We have already installed more than 2000 solar water pumps which are serving the problems of drinking water & irrigation of crops, making us India’s No 1 company in Solar Water Pumps.

Bright Solar is future of clean & sustainable energy, where WE are entrusted with LIFE.